PEOPLE SHAPES PACK 1 for editing video

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PEOPLE SHAPES PACK 1 for editing video

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PEOPLE SHAPES is a package that contains 15 alpha video of different human shapes. 

You can use it to create fantastic effect with your video editing software.

Blend your file with the shapes and create fantastic video.

The package includes:

1 Man Dance Rap 1

1 Man Dance Rap 2

1 Man Dance Rock

1 Man Dance Skateroll

2 Woman Dance Sexy & Modern

1 Woman Dancing & Moving

1 Woman Dance Modern

1 Man Walk

1 Man saying "Hallo!"

1 Man Serious

1 Woman Walk Relaxed

1 Woman Walk Sexy

1 Man Boxing

Give more to your videos!

Easy to use | Not installation | Customizable

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I want this!
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